The Golden Dragon Inn

Eberron 5e Campaign Intro

A call from above

894 YK
The Last War. With the death of its ruler, King Jarot, 900 years of peace enjoyed by the Kingdom of Galifar ended overnight. The leaders of the five nations that comprised Galifar, the sons and daughters of the deceased king, fought in the resulting dispute of succession. It tore the continent of Khorvaire apart for a little over a century. Ironic, that an overnight event would also end the war.


The sudden and shocking destruction of Cyre unleashed a swath of newfound death on an already bleeding continent. Tens of thousands of soldiers perished on all sides as the grey mists enveloped the dead country. The town of Whitehearth, which had been the center of Cannith ingenuity and invention for centuries, was suddenly lost. What was once the shining heart of Khorvaire had become a living blight resulting in The Mournlands and a complete ceasefire.

The First Treaty of Thronehold officially ended the Last War in 996 YK, with the rulers of the Twelve Nations coming together to settle their differences. After more than a century of war, kings and soldiers alike would need to learn to live in a new and peaceful world.


999 YK

As you look into the pearly gray sky above you, you see a Griffin flying amongst the clouds. Such a sight is rare but not unheard of. A rider atop the Griffin spots you and waves, as if telling you to wait for him. After a few tense moments, you realize the Griffin is wearing the cloth emblazoned with the mark of House Valenaran. The Rider brings his beast gently to the ground, dismounts and hands you a rolled parchment. The Rider says that the letter was sent by a Professor Gnomala, a resident of Sharn, and that the letter requires your immediate response.

You unfurl the letter and read its contents.

Dear Adventurer,

I have taken note of your uncanny knack for adventure and request your services. I am willing to give you a thousand gold advance just for agreeing to see me. Meet me at the Golden Dragon Inn in Upper Sharn as soon as you can.


Professor Nolan Gnomala

The Rider holds up a large sack, obviously containing the gold. With a few jingles of clanking coins and a little thought, you acquiesce and accept the professor’s offer. The Rider hands you the sack, gives you a nod, and flies off into the sky with a simple command, “Yip Yip.”



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